About us

Welcome to Polka Dot Fine Art & Education

Since opening our doors in May 2016, we have strived to be a place where people feel valued, engaged, and where they can express themselves.
We help facilitate happy and healthy minds through art creation. We provide a variety of programs such as art classes, early education, and art events.
Art Camp

We provide art camps for children aged from kindergarten to 11 years old. During the art camp, we will teach the fundamentals of drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, and science through fun-filled exercises. We will include short, single-day projects as well as longer, multi-day projects.

These activities are structured in direct response to the interests and curiosities of the specific group of children. Recent examples have included sculptures made from various materials such as earthen clay and cardboard, handmade books, and paintings.


PKD is a licensed childcare provider. We provide art-based learning programs for infant/ toddler to school age.

In our day care program, we offer a variety of topics and learning styles. Our method of delivery is an eclectic style of teaching supported through art and image-making. Our teachers bring their own experience, knowledge, and passions into the classroom, offering a well-rounded program with something for everyone. Our classrooms are fun and loving environments where students learn to work together and foster a sense of mutual respect for each other and their teachers. We work to provide students and families with an inspiring curriculum and a safe place to grow and create.