At Polka Dot Fine Art & Education, Kid's Don't simply mimic their instructor to create a prescribed work of art. Instead, the instructor encourages self- expression among the children who become so encouraged to flex their creative ability to produce truly unique art pieces. Classes are available in a variety of artistic mediums: Painting and drawing, sketching, clay, sculpting, and cartooning, to name just but a few. Adults from the ages of 15 years upwards are equally more than welcome to register.Polka Dot Fine Art & Education also has entertainment programs such as creative birthday parties. We also run Spring, Summer and Winter break camps.


B-day Party   

Create a memorable, joyous birthday celebration that will literally last a lifetime through creating your own self-expressive artwork! Celebrate your child’s birthday with Polka Dot Art Fine Art School.

Every party participant will enjoy their artistic creativity to the fullest, and your party will be remembered forever with each unique artwork that is taken home by every single party attendee.

Since we love to tailor every party to the interests of the birthday child and all of your special guests. We are always happy to create a special project.



Art Camps introduce young artists to new materials, artists and themes. Campers experiment with painting, drawing, clay, sculpture, mixed-media and crafts.

Other camp activities include cooperative games, sharing stories, outdoor art activities. (weather permitting).

Let your creativity take over during Winter break and experience all of your favourite ways to make art this time. Explore painting, drawing, clay, cartooning and crafts then use unusual combinations to create mixed media masterpieces. Learn something new and make new friends! Camp will meet from 9:00 am-2:00 pm. Camps are for children 5 years old to 12 years old! Please take a moment to ask yourself if you think your child is able to easily separate in the morning, get right down to work, use the bathroom independently, and go strong all day.  If not, please wait a year and join us the following season.



Polka Dot Fine Art & Education preschool education programs maintain a close relationship with the home and parents and are intended to introduce children to the social environment of the school and concentrate on the basic skills of coordination.

Children come to school eager to learn and begin to take responsibility for their learning. This age group starts to construct knowledge not only through exploration and observation but also through reflection and implementation of their daily plan.

They are able to develop interactions with materials, people and events that are important to them. Polka Dot Fine Art & Education preschool curriculum really takes root with this age group. Key Developmental Indicators, the group of concepts to be taught, fill individual lesson plans designed to meet the needs of each child.


Before & after- school

Our programs offer enriching learning opportunities in a fun environment for maturing school-age children. 

Before taking children to school, we provide various activities. We also provide safe transportation to and from school.

In the afternoon, art class with a professional art teacher, outside playtime, dance, yoga Character Education and opportunities to improve upon reading, math and social skills.